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Fox RX+ Security System

Product Overview

  • Comprises of The RX+ Light, RX+ Remote and RX+ Sensor
  • The RX+ Light, Remote and Sensor have been designed to work with Fox RX+ Micron heads and RX+ Receiver.
  • The RX+ Light can be used as a standard bivvy light with remote and/or linked to alarms to illuminate when you get a bite. It can also be used as a floodlight to illuminate your swim. When set up with the RX+ Sensor the RX+ Light can be used as a security light
  • The RX+ Sensor is a Passive Infrared Motion Sensor (PIR) which can link to the RX+ Light, RX+ Receiver and RX+ Remote. When the RX+ Sensor picks up movement it communicates with the paired device, triggering the RX+ Receiver or illuminating the RX+ Light
  • The RX+ Remote can be linked to the RX+ Light and RX+ Sensor to remotely control all operations

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