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12000 S


You could say that the 12000S is a stripped back version of our top of the range 12000XT, however this stunning 12000S really could be mistaken for a reel of twice its price styled in a classy gunsmoke graphite grey and packed with a host of top quality features! The 12000S represents a great investment for a newcomer to the sport or angler on a tight budget that still requires a reel with peak performance, weighing just 700g the 12000S features a quick clutch at the front which is incredibly user friendly.

Technical Features

  • Quick Front Clutch with grit guard
  • Pro Cast Lip on spool
  • Twist Free Roller
  • Mesh-Tec gearing system
  • Anti-Backlash system
  • Rotor line guards
  • Sprung line clip
  • CNS-system
  • Gear ratio 4.5:1
  • 13 stainless ball bearings + 1 roller bearing
  • Spare continental spool supplied