X Pod Plus
X Pod Plus
Code: RP3495

Spares for X Pod Plus are listed below. Where available the drawing number corresponds to the number in the product list.

Although Fox holds a large amount of spares, due to the amount of products available some spares will require ordering, therefore we will need to check availability before entering into any transactions.

Once you have recognised the part required, press the "Check Availability" button to send a message to the Fox Customer Services department who will reply with information about your spare or service.

Please NOTE: Services are highlighted if available. Prices shown on the Fox website do not cover any post & packaging costs.
No. Code/Part No. Details RRP Buy Now
001 RP3494-1 outer Leg Assembly R £10.01 Add To Basket
002 RP3494-11 outer Leg Assembly L £10.01 Add To Basket
003 RP3494-2 short Inner Bankstic £5.00 Add To Basket
004 M/CAM/19R/A 3/4 Camlock Assembly £2.76 Add To Basket
005 RP3494-4 short Outer Bankstic £7.36 Add To Basket
006 RP3494-5 long Inner Bankstick £5.00 Add To Basket
007 RP3494-6 long Outer Bankstick £7.36 Add To Basket
008 BB9056 rod-lok Buzz Bar Pa £25.00 Check Availability
009 RP3495-8 screw And Thumbturn £4.19 Add To Basket
010 RP3494-9 r/h Main Body Assemb £16.18 Add To Basket
011 RP3494-12 l/h Main Body Assemb £10.22 Add To Basket
012 RP3494-10 outer Leg Camlok Ass £4.04 Add To Basket