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Rigidity Chod Rigs Do the Damage!
Created on: 24-Apr-2013 @ 09:33:59

Rigidity Chod Rigs Do the Damage!
The biggest of the last few weeks for Luke, a lovely 38lb mirror.

Luke Edwards is regularly sending in catch reports and more often than not he is holding up a fair sized chunk. This one is no different. Over the past few weeks Luke has been fitting in some overnighters and has had some fantastic results.

Over the last two weeks I have been doing a few short sessions and overnighters. 1st off was a trip down to Todber Manor in Dorset. W friend was off down there I decided to tag along and try my luck. Over the 24hr period I was on the venue there I managed to sneak a 17lber and two rarther large bream bream, these were the only fish out during that period so I was chuffed. I used 15lb Reflex hooklinks with a size 10 Arma Point SSC and an 8mm pop up inside a solid bag of pellet.

My second session was on the Monday night, I was due to visit Acton but as its form has been struggling I decided give it a miss and on Monday afternoon I had a phone call from the Monument Fishery saying that peg 7 was free. Knowing the peg well I accepted the offer. I arrived at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, set up my new Supa Brolly System and set up the rods. I then had the hard task of getting a bit of spod mix out there as the winds were 40 to 50 mph gusts. I spodded out a mix consisting of cell 10mm boilies corn and hemp along with cloud nine to add attraction. I put out 10 spods to start with and I’ve got to say the Exocet spod dealt with the winds superbly. The rig I fished over this was the same solid bag rig as I had used at Todber.

My second rod was cast to the side of a bar at 65 using a stiff hinge rig with 2 grains of plastic corn. The first take came after two hours on the solid bag and after a short spirited fight I soon had a lovely 23 8 mirror in the net. After photos etc I put the rod back on the money and retired for the evening, in typical monument style it was not long before I had another take, this one weighed in at 22lb and was very welcome.

At 4am came and my alarm clock was ringing, up I got and spodded a little more bait in and re-cast my rods. This time I tried chod rigs with corn and a clockwork orange popup on one and the other with double plastic corn.

At about ten o'clock I received a slow take and as soon as I lifted into it I knew was a good fish. After a half hour fight I landed a pristine looking mirror, it hit 38lb and was a fantastic end to the session.

Fantastic angling as usual from Luke!

Rigidity Chod Rigs Do the Damage!
tie perfect chod rigs every time with Rigidity.

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