Product Overview
In recent years Fox International’s reputation for producing carp fishing reels that are not only eye-catching but also highly functional and reliable has grown from strength to strength. The advantage that Fox have over most other reel manufacturers is that they actually design their reels from scratch and can therefore produce a product specifically for carp fishing, unfortunately many reels still on the market are designed for sea fishing and then marketed to the carp angler with a few aesthetic tweaks. Following the great success of Fox’s magnesium 12000XT and graphite 12000S and FS reels they were regularly inundated with requests for a smaller sized reel, that would balance better with rods of 2.75 and 3lb test curve. Many anglers love the look of a 12000 reel but really didn’t need something that big and so after two years of research and development the company are now ready to launch the stunning, matt black, understated FX11, which can be described as a scaled-down big pit reel. Fox were keen, however, to make their downsized big pit reel an all-rounder and thanks to the super-slow oscillation giving impeccable line lay you can comfortably put the FX11 onto your higher test curve casting rods and put rigs well over 150yds should you need to. In addition to the super-slow oscillation the FX11 also features a Quick Clutch on the front of the spool, allowing you to go from tight enough to cast to loose-enough to get a run with just one and half turns of the clutch – if you make it any less than this you will lose clutch definition.

Features include:
• Super-slow oscillation
• 95cm of line retrieved per handle turn
• Hardwearing, graphite body, with minimalist matt black styling and discreet silver trims
• Rotor brake
• Anti-backlash system
• Micro line lay adjustment
• Rotor line guard
• Quick Clutch
• Front clutch grit guard
• Slim black handle
• 2 Range Casting Line Clips – one black, one silver
• CNS System
• Rotor Balanced Profile
• Twist free roller
• Mesh-Tech gearing system
• Pro cast lip on spool

Click & drag for 360 degree rotation!

FX11 Reel
FX11 Features
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FX11 Reel

anti twist roller wheel

FX11 Reel

black line clip
FX11 Reel

compact graphite body with understated graphics
FX11 Reel

easy to grip rubber handle
FX11 Reel

ergonmic stem
FX11 Reel

large spool, compact body
FX11 Reel

perfect line lay from super slow oscillation
FX11 Reel

quick clutch 1
FX11 Reel

quick clutch 2
FX11 Reel

silver line clip
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FX11 Options
FX11 - Reel

Code: CRL057
Details: Reel

• Supplied with spare spool as standard
• 5 stainless steel ball bearings
+ 1 roller bearing
• Weighs just 590g!
• Gear ratio 4.6:1

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FX11 - Spare Spool

Spare Spool
Code: CRL058
Details: Spare Spool

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FX11 Spares Options
No. Code/Part No. Details RRP Buy Now
- CRL057-PT45 Handle Screw £3.00 Add To Basket
- CRL057-PT78 Washer £0.90 Add To Basket
- CRL057-PT86 Trasfer Gear £2.51 Add To Basket